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Garden services (£25.00 per hour per Gardener)

Keep your garden/lawns looking neat and inviting through our wide range of gardening services customised to your liking and conveniences. From garden maintenance and clearing, hedge trimming, pruning, weed control tree cutting and lawn care and treatment; we will take care of all your garden needs while you sit back and relax. You can choose to book our service directly or by filling up our online form whenever you see fit!

Domestic cleaning (£16.00 per hour per Cleaner)

When it comes to performing comprehensive domestic cleaning; no one does it better than we do! We take all types of residential cleaning challenges ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, carpets, bedrooms, living spaces, carpets, windows to even regular used appliance. Simply book us and we will make sure your domestic space is left looking clean and congenial for your loved ones.

Office Cleaning (£16.00 per hour)

Much to your delight; we always give you the convenience of setting up a meet with our office cleaning specialists at your suitable time. As professionals we take bookings 24x7 from clients all across our target location. And depending on your office cleaning needs, we also customise the office cleaning checklist to best suit your needs and cleaning expectations. You can trust us for your office cleaning needs by booking anytime you want either directly or by filling up our online form.

Deep Cleaning (£16.00 per hour)

Our deep cleaning specialists go above and beyond to deliver you top-quality services backed with total satisfaction. To perform comprehensive deep cleaning; we have everything we need to achieve your desired cleaning standards. From sparkling windows, wiping patio doors and window frames to cleaning soap scum and other accumulated dirt from bathrooms and kitchens; we will make it worth your time! Book directly/Fill up our online form!

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning checklist covers every nook and corner of your commercial space and no matter the size or scope of cleaning; we will handle it and restore back its health and hygiene in no time! Ranging from commercial floors, walls, commonly touched surfaces to upholsteries, toilets and regular used equipment; you just leave everything in our experienced hands. Book for free survey at your suitable time. We will come, perform the pre-clean inspection and present you a precise cost estimate!

School Cleaning

We strive to deliver top-quality school cleaning services to improve the interior environment and keep all students, teachers and staff members safe from any health risks or possible contamination. We always use green cleaning detergents during our cleaning. And we clean everything; ranging from sitting arrangements, toilets, staff rooms canteen area, school floors, doors, windows as well as spots units. What's more, we get the job done right at the first instance without jeopardising the cleaning quality at all. Request a free survey for an accurate price quote!

Carpet Cleaning

Our licensed carpet cleaning specialists will happy kill all germs, bacteria and other microscopic monstrosities lurking deep beneath the carpet fabrics using our hot-water extraction method. And by cleaning your precious carpets; we not only restore its appearance and cleanliness, but also ensure your surroundings are healthy- be it at your workplace or home. Book a free survey whenever you're ready!

Window Cleaning

With us as your experienced and reliable window cleaners; you can rest assured that we will not leave even the smallest peck of dirt or grime on your property windows. Homes, offices, schools, restaurants, commercial high-rise and industrial warehouses; we can clean windows of all shapes and sizes using the best cleaning products and latest tools. We will clean with care and precision. Arrange for free a survey today and get your accurate cost estimate!

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