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  • Always be aware of market trends like- new tools, technological products, and advanced techniques.
  • Cost-effective and high-quality service.
  • Great customer service on legal contracts.
  • Effective Communication and Flexible timing.
  • Consider all hygiene standards and protocols are maintained.

End of Tenancy cleaning/deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is a comprehensive cleaning process that goes beyond the regular routine cleaning to thoroughly clean and sanitizes a property. It involves cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, fixtures, and other areas that are often overlooked during routine cleaning. Deep cleaning is done to remove dirt, grime, and other build-up that can accumulate over time. The process typically includes tasks such as scrubbing and disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas, as well as vacuuming and washing floors and carpets. Deep cleaning is often used to prepare a property for a special event, such as a move-in or move-out, or to refresh a property after a long period of time.

If your home or office requires thorough cleaning, our deep cleaning services are the perfect solution. Our team of experienced cleaners has a wealth of experience in cleaning properties of all sizes in both residential and commercial settings. Equipped with the latest tools and techniques, we will provide a comprehensive deep clean that will leave your space sparkling and spotless. Whether you need a deep clean for your house or office, our deep cleaning company is here to meet your needs. Get in touch with us today and experience a thoroughly cleaned and refreshed property! We provide our service across Watford, Luton, and London.

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We clean with integrity!

Did you know that the cleanliness of the premises is the first concern of well-being at the workplace? Office cleaning is therefore particularly important for employee motivation and productivity. However, the maintenance of the premises requires more technique than it seems. Don’t look anywhere! Stay here with our experienced professionals who can do their job well and in much less time. Another advantage of a professional deep cleaning service is being able to coordinate schedules or even coordinate shifts if necessary.

If you are looking for a qualified company in Luton to professionally clean and sanitize sofas, and curtains, among other services, you only need to contact us and ask for your quote! We're here to help!

We give your home a professional cleaning

Is your home not as sparkling as before? Do you know how your home can make it look new again? In that case, the deep cleaning service from A B Woolley Cleaning Service is for you. We understand individual cleaning requirements and know their importance. We are always evolving, and bringing news and benefits to our customers. We aim to deliver the best service, with quality, efficiency, and professionalism. To effectively clean all surfaces, we are equipped with: a broom, professional vacuum cleaner, mono brush, compact or self-propelled scrubber, dryer depending on floor area, microfiber cloths, cleaning cart, mop with fringes or wipes, buckets, and among others.

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End-of-tenancy cleaning takes place when a tenant comes to the end of their tenancy, whether it's a house move or a business coming to the end of their tenancy.

Our professional End of Tenancy Cleaning in London uses high-quality products, tools, and methods to remove all dirt, dust, and germs, cleaning every room from the ground up. Our Services can be tailored to your needs. So if you want a deep oven or upholstery cleaning, you can easily request it. The right company will have a methodical approach to end-of-lease cleaning, have experience in completing this type of contract, and can advise you on the various options available.

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Discover the advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service

Quality : At A B Woolley Cleaning Service, the cleaning quality is superior. With expanded knowledge, our skilled professional will know exactly where to clean and how to clean, generating 100% use of time and the result can only be one: quality.

Greater productivity : It's no secret that a clean place brings good feelings, isn't it? Now imagine a clean, organized, and smelling place. Good right? Our expert cleaners make the work environment more receptive, helping those who work there to be more productive and deliver better results.

Time availability : With the hiring of our experienced cleaning service, the times can be scheduled with the company, leaving specific days for execution. Thus, the office already knows when it will happen, and can only maintain the cleaning on other days.

Good impression :Every place wants and needs to make a good impression on visitors. Professionals will clean the place and make a good reception when you arrive. Bet on our professional deep cleaning in Watford, Luton, and London.

Features of our cleaning employees

Professional workers : Our employees are perfectly trained to carry out these functions, have the necessary experience and are used to doing this type of service.

Time organization : We will correctly distribute our staff around the home in order to do it in the shortest possible time, efficiently and impeccably.

Hourly flexibility : We will adapt to your schedule, to the time slot and day that best suits you

Support of a company in the sector : In the event of any unforeseen event, you have a company behind you that will respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Requirements that the experienced staff must meet to offer a quality service:

  • Always be aware of market trends like- new tools, technological products, and advanced techniques.
  • Cost-effective and high-quality service.
  • Great customer service on legal contracts.
  • Effective Communication and Flexible timing.
  • Consider all hygiene standards and protocols are maintained.

What are the things that come under deep cleaning service/ End of Tenancy cleaning?

No one likes to make their bed every day, but when you come home after a day's work and find your bed made, it creates a pleasant sense of order and, therefore, a feeling of satisfaction. Now it is the time to start the process, and for this we will open all the windows well and keep the door open, thus ensuring that the room is ventilated effectively. Then, we proceed to remove bedding and clean all of these with our equipment so that a complete cleaning and disinfection can be carried out.

Cleaning your bathroom is one of the concerns of our team. It involves cleaning tiles, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, bidets, mirrors, furniture, and in general every one of the elements that are in the environment. For this, it is very important to use clean rags and quality cleaning products, thus guaranteeing not only cleanliness but also maximum disinfection.

Like other areas of your home, the kitchen also needs to be kept clean. This is worth doing not only to maintain the external gloss but also to ensure that the space used for cooking is hygienic. We generally clean tiles, hoods, appliances (oven, microwave, and refrigerator) and cabinets (inside and out), floors, etc.

Our experienced cleaning service cleans Hallway and Stairs by using the most convenient device. Also, they use a vacuum cleaner or broom depending on the type of floor. Also, if you need carpet cleaning, our team uses a steam cleaning process.

The reception is the business card of any hotel, concessionaire, or museum. The place where guests are received should make them feel so welcome and comfortable that they think of coming back. Therefore, before cleaning, it is necessary to take into account the nature of the coatings. Our team starts vacuuming the place, and then cleans the mirror, glass, switch points, and reception desk among others of that place.

Before leaving the room, it is advisable to take a look to make sure that all the switches, television, taps, etc. they work properly. In the event of any abnormal operation, we will notify the maintenance technician.

How much does our cleaning service cost?

The rates for an office cleaning service depend on several criteria:

  • Area of the premises to be cleaned: remember to include everything (all offices, reception hall, break rooms, toilets, meeting rooms, etc.)
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of daily employees in the premises
  • Surface area of sanitary spaces
  • Surface area of public or visitor reception areas
  • Number of passages desired per week
  • Staggered hours (early morning, late evening, night, weekend) or day
  • Geographical area of the cleaning location (big city, rural area, Paris region)
  • Additional services or not

Why choose our service?

  • A valuable time saver! Thanks to our professional cleaning team, you no longer need to worry about this stain in your business. If you need to clean up and put places back in place quickly, this is indeed the best solution for you.
  • Perfect cleaning! Professional cleaning companies have equipment adapted to leave an excellent result. Not that you can't get a good result otherwise, but the professionals are still the best at it...
  • No damage after the services of the professionals! Once again, thanks to our services, you don't have to be afraid for your furniture, surfaces, or tapestries. The materials and techniques used are made to adapt to fragile surfaces and sensitive furniture.
  • A significant economic gain.

Our professionals know which product to use on which type of material, so there is no risk of damage, or that your furniture is damaged! You know that the cleanliness of your sign is in good hands.

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Your valuable feedbacks are important to us. We work our best to do everything we can to meet your cleaning requirements.

We are one of the most well-known and leading professional cleaning companies in London. We are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years for serving the best service to our clients. Let’s check what our clients say to us.

  • Friendly service, attentive, and most importantly they do exceptional cleaning. I highly recommend all to contact this cleaning service.
  • I am very satisfied with the cleaning service. The team is punctual, hard-working, polite, friendly, and willing to carry out each task I had asked for. Very affordable service. I always contact this service.
  • 24X7 customer service. The cleaners are very good and proficient. They always take feedback on their work. They do not skip any work. I give them 5 stars.
  • ★★★★★ (Most people)
  • Everyone can fully trust this service. They did the whole cleaning work with great care. I am happy.
  • I got a very nice and reliable team to help me with my cleaning


This is the process of thoroughly deep-cleaning a rental property before a tenant moves out. The main tasks of cleaners in the process of such cleaning come down to the following aspects:

  • dedusting of surfaces
  • window washing
  • dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture
  • cleaning and washing curtains
  • cleaning cabinet furniture
  • dust removal of air conditioners, heating radiators, and elements of the ventilation system
  • cleaning of mirrors and glass surfaces
  • wet floor cleaning

It is optimal to carry out wet cleaning of the premises once a week, during which to wash the floors and wipe the surfaces from dust.

We use environmentally friendly products. Our chemical products for cleaning and disinfection must cause the least possible impact on the environment. Not only with the reduction of waste, but also energy and water savings and as little polluting as possible.

The process of washing windows consists of several stages: washing the window profile, glass, fittings, window sill, and ebbs. First, you need to wash the outside, which faces the street, and only then move on to the inside.

To clean the oven we can spread it directly on the lower part if there is food that remains stuck and then spray it with water and vinegar spray. But the most effective way to use it is to make a paste of baking soda, water, and vinegar so that it adheres better, and also use it on the walls.

Based on the size of the property, End of tenancy cleaning takes 16 - 50 hours depending on the condition, size and the items within the property.

We respond within 24 hours.

The services that include home cleaning range from routine tasks, such as general cleaning of the entire house or bathrooms, doing laundry or ironing, to more specific jobs, such as cleaning windows, exhaustive cleaning of the kitchen, review of the bathroom joints, etc.

In comprehensive cleaning services, the cleaning process is based on the removal of dirt that can be seen and that which is not seen, but which is the source of infections. It refers to all professional activities aimed at cleaning the space and disinfecting it.

Baking soda is ideal for cleaning all types of carpets since it does not damage fabrics and is one of the most effective products when it comes to cleaning the home. Also, if you are wondering how to dry clean carpets, you should know that baking soda is one of the fundamental products you will need. We also use the most famous commercial Carpet cleaning machine (Rug Doctor) to clean your carpets and leaving it fresh.

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Please note full house cleaning takes longer, for example, a 2 bedroom house could take 10 - 20 hours depending on the items, size, and condition of the property.

We always do a good job if we are allowed to do the job without telling us the number of hours to use.

AB Woolley Cleaning Services are expert, and all your jobs are 100% guaranteed. When we are done with your End of Tenancy Cleaning and there is an issue, we respond within 24 hours which we don't want to come back and do a second clean, so we take our time and provide you with the best clean. Most people or new clients are always looking for the cheapest quote, but we do advise that it shouldn't be about the cheapest quote but rather the quality of service, your peace of mind ,deposit back guaranteed and customer satisfaction is our goal.

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