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Anyone who manages a company knows that keeping the workplace clean and hygienic brings many advantages. It can preserve the health and well-being of your team. Therefore, cleaning is essential in any company in any segment, after all, everyone deserves to work in suitable and properly clean places, right? In this case, you can hire a Commercial Cleaning service in Luton that provides business cleaning services and meets all your demands.

In addition, in some commercial establishments, proper cleaning and sanitizing make all the difference in winning over and retaining customers.

How is commercial cleaning done?

Commercial cleaning is usually done in two stages, first removing all visible residues and dirt and then disinfecting the environment. The order must be maintained so that, in the end, all the equipment is ready for use, without any risk to those using it. The process demands specific care for each type of industry, requiring trained professionals for commercial cleaning. Following this principle, commercial cleaning can either be done manually, using equipment for this purpose, or through thermal and chemical energy. We have listed some general cleaning below:

  • General floor cleaning

On smoother floors, which need to be scrubbed at least every two days, it is necessary to use juicers, buckets, mops and, obligatorily, the safety warnings. This is usually done in places with public circulation or industrial kitchens, which must be kept within cleaning and hygiene standards.

  • Equipment cleaning

Machines and equipment cannot stop, otherwise, there will be a break in production. Therefore, its cleaning must be done with a special liquid, capable of cleaning the parts without the equipment having to stop its production.

  • Window and counter cleaning

The cleaning of narrow, curved and inclined places and spaces must be done with equipment that can reach all points, even the most difficult corners, to perform a complete and effective cleaning and sanitization, especially in the cases of places where people circulate.

  • Separation of waste

Professionals trained to carry out commercial cleaning must be trained to dispose of waste in the correct places. Waste that poses a risk of contamination cannot go with urban waste and must be incinerated in appropriate places, in the same way as hospital waste. Commercial cleaning requires this knowledge to follow relevant legislation regarding the environment.

  • Use of protective equipment

In addition to having specific training, commercial cleaning professionals are required to use personal protective equipment in compliance with regulatory standards, both regarding their use and work in certain confined environments.

❑ 6 Tips on How to Hire a quality outsourced Commercial cleaning service

After analyzing the alternatives and choosing to outsource cleaning services, the next step is to find a company that provides quality services and make sure you are getting a good deal. During your research, please note the points listed below.

[1] Reputation

When we offer a good service, our customers tend to praise, comment, and recommend it to others. Therefore, when hiring a third-party cleaning company, see what people say about it. Read comments and testimonials, and see what other companies say about the services and how it performs in the market.

[2] Time working as an outsourced cleaning company

Before closing a deal, observing how long the company has been operating in the market is essential to hire a quality service. This is a strong indicator, as low-quality companies tend not to remain in the market for a long time.

[3] Services offered

In addition to cleaning services, some companies offer facilities services, such as:

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning

Office & School Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Garden Clearance

Garden Maintenance

Hedge Trimming

Lawn Care and Treatment


Tree Cutting

Weed Control

End of Tenancy / Deep Cleaning

Seeing if the company you researched offers these services is interesting in case you need them in the future.

[4] Products used

Good outsourcing companies offer good professionals, equipment and products. This ensures efficiency, quality and durability of cleaning. Before hiring, ask about the quality of products used by professionals.

[5] Team training

Some companies can offer low-quality services and, generally, present tempting offers, with low hiring prices. Be wary of these “unmissable chances”, as good services and good professionals come at a cost. Always opt for well-trained and qualified professionals, even if they charge a little more for it.

[6] Availability of fleets

Before talking and starting negotiations, check if there is fleet availability for your location. Some companies are local and provide outsourced cleaning services to specific regions. Ensure that there will be professionals available for your location before starting the hiring process.



Now that you know the points that must be observed when hiring a commercial cleaning service. If you are looking for a DOMESTIC CLEANING company in Luton, you should also make your choice according to some criteria.

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