Explore The Advantages Of Having Tree Felling In Your Garden

Trees provide many benefits to our environment- providing shade, clean air, and an abundance of animal and plant life. They create a serene and healthy environment that is perfect for reducing stress and promoting well-being. However, when trees are diseased or dead, they can cause more harm than good. They are become a danger to your house, your garden or even to the people who live there. In such cases, hiring a TREE FELLING service in London may be a necessary solution for you.

With this in mind, here is a guide to knowing when and why to cut down a tree in your garden. Let’s start!

What is tree felling?

Felling a tree consists of eliminating it in its entirety, by cutting its trunk at the base. Felling in the garden can be carried out for safety reasons, or reasons of comfort or aesthetics. Certain alarming signs will force the decision to cut a tree even if it goes against your wishes.

What are the reasons for felling a tree?

We list here the possible reasons that will make you say that it is time to cut down a tree:

  1. The tree is poorly placed

Most often, individuals want to have a tree cut down because it is poorly placed and poses a physical problem. Generally felling the tree solves the problem with or without stump removal.

  1. The tree overflows onto a neighboring plot

Trees planted on the edge of a property are sometimes very annoying. In some cases, they overflow onto a neighbor’s plot. In other cases, they encroach on a road or overflow your fence. To stay away from these issues, you may request a tree felling service. This is a particularly common reason for felling a tree.

  1. The health of the tree is compromised

Trees can get sick and sometimes suffer from problems without solutions. Some trees therefore have diseases or parasites that slowly kill them or can cause them to collapse. Here are the symptoms to look for:

  • Excessive leaf drop: When a tree suddenly loses a lot of its leaves and it’s not summer or spring, it’s probably sick.
  • Leaf discolouration: Leaves that are discoloured or shrivelled but remain attached to the tree indicate disease.
  • Weak branches: Branches fall without the influence of the storm. On closer inspection, you may notice rot at the base of the branches.
  • Rotten trunk: Check for holes in the trunk. A rotting trunk is often a sign of a bacterial or fungal infestation.
  • Rotten Roots: Roots can be damaged and rot by lawn mower cuts, heavy vehicle trampling, or constant waterlogging.
  • Peeling Bark: Peeling Bark may be a sign of disease or illness. In this case, cutting is the best solution.
  • Mushroom Growth: The presence of fungus is often a sign that a tree is in poor health. Most mushrooms grow on an already damaged trunk. However, some can attack and damage a healthy tree.
  • Tree Pests: Your trees are habitats for birds, insects, reptiles and rodents. These animals are often harmless, but some are either dangerous or annoying: snakes, scorpions, pests, caterpillars, etc.

In these cases, we can take the lead and avoid any damage by having the diseased tree cut down.

  1. The surrounding trees are threatened

Some trees grow faster than others, have a very large canopy or are simply hostile to the presence of their fellow trees. This is also a very good reason to have a particular tree cut down. An excellent example is the presence of a pine tree among other trees. Because the pine tree grows quickly and blocks light from reaching other surrounding trees, it causes them to stretch and grow excessively. Often, it is then necessary to have the pine cut down so that the other trees can grow normally.

  1. Conservation of biodiversity

Although felling trees may seem counterintuitive to those seeking to protect biodiversity, it can help preserve the ecological balance of your garden. Diseased or dead trees can be a source of infection for other trees and plants in your garden, leading to a loss of biodiversity. By having them cut down, you can prevent the spread of disease and help maintain a healthy and diverse ecosystem in your garden.

Ultimately, tree removal can provide many benefits to your garden and home. If you are faced with a tree in poor condition, it is important to consult a tree felling expert to help you make the most appropriate choices for your garden.

Tree felling: advantages of calling a professional

Find out in this section why you should call on professionals to fell trees.

  • Benefit from optimal security

One of the first advantages of calling on a tree-felling professional is optimal safety during the work. Indeed, it should be noted that the work of felling or grubbing trees is risky, an incident is likely to occur at any time. This incident could be likely to cause various inconveniences to you or even your neighborhood. Calling on qualified craftsmen can avoid this issue.

  • Receive compensation for possible problems caused by the work

Felling a tree is a very risky practice. It is wise to point out that damage could occur very quickly. When you carry out the work yourself and any damage occurs, you will be alone in dealing with the repairs. However, by choosing to call on professionals in the trade, the costs would be their responsibility.

  • Appropriate knowledge and tools

Another major advantage of entrusting your felling work to professionals in the trade is that they know necessary for the smooth running of the activities. They also have the appropriate equipment to carry out the task you have entrusted to them optimally.

  • Rapid intervention

The reason that pushes the majority of people to be interested in professionals for tree felling is that they demonstrate unparalleled efficiency. Being accustomed to this work, they can provide you with quality work in record time. After completing the work, expert professionals clean the site.

Hire a reliable tree pruning service from us!

Now you have a basic idea about the tree felling and how dangerous this work will be for a person who doesn’t have any idea about this service. For this reason, hiring an expert professional, who is an expert in this field, is the right solution for you.

At A B Woolley Cleaning Service, we have a reliable tree felling service that will allow you to save time and effort, in addition to guaranteeing the safety and health of the trees. We have great experience, reputation, and security when carrying out this type of work as well as with the appropriate tools and techniques. You can find our service throughout Watford, Luton.

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