Why Entrust Window Cleaning To A Specialized Professional?

– Finding the right window cleaner will help you see the natural light without any hassle.

Windows are a unique part of the home as well as workplaces. Nothing is better than large glass surfaces to fill the interior space with light. Windows offers a real visual asset to any building but also requires regular maintenance for a long life. However, cleaning windows remains an operation that cannot be improvised, but rather requires certain knowledge.

It is then essential to call in a window cleaning company in London. Here are the benefits of entrusting window cleaning to a professional.

Who is Window Cleaner?

A window cleaner is a person employed to wash and clean windows. Windows will generally have a wide variety of heights and widths. For this reason, most window cleaners are trained to use a variety of specialized window cleaning equipment, tools, and supplies. A window cleaner can be employed for himself or work as part of a business.

Window cleaning techniques

Window washing is not a service that can be improvised. The window cleaner is trained to follow the different stages of the process for professional cleaning. They offer:

☑ Dusting window frames to remove dust and This consists of dusting the edges of windows with a cloth to prevent these residues from being deposited on the glass surfaces once clean.

Scraping and degreasing: These optional actions are added to dust removal in the case of particularly soiled windows. Fatty masses are eliminated, as well as dirt (bird droppings, dirt from the street, etc.).

Wetting the glass: The window cleaner immerses its wetting agent in the cleaning product. Then he applies the moistener to the glass from top to bottom.

☑ Wiping the border: The wiping of the border to prevent dirty water from soiling the woodwork of the windows.

Scraping the windows with a squeegee: The squeegee is positioned horizontally, starting from the top right side of the window. The squeegee is then dried between each pass with another clean cloth. The passage strips must be superimposed to avoid marks on the windows and to ensure that all the dirty water is eliminated.

The finishes: The glass strip that borders the bottom of the window is wiped again with a cloth to prevent traces or drips from stagnating on the windows.

Window polishing: The polishing of the windows using a suitable cloth to obtain a perfect result. Remove any traces caused by the dampener.

Each step is repeated starting with the interior, which is generally less dirty.

Window cleaning at height

The washing of windows or glass surfaces at height is a particular context of intervention, but frequent in Luton. It concerns maintenance services on tall buildings such as buildings in certain condominiums.

The agents can intervene on scaffolding, a basket, a lifting platform, a ladder or by abseiling. Their tools such as the squeegee are adapted and can be hooked up to facilitate their work. They also have a telescopic pole capable of reaching a distance of 9 meters. Professionals are equipped with protective and safety equipment: coveralls, masks, helmets, gloves and harnesses if rappelling is required to clean windows.

It is not recommended to have your windows cleaned when it is raining, because traces of raindrops will be inevitable and compromise the quality of window cleaning. It is also recommended to avoid cleaning windows in hot weather because the sun heats the windows, and does not allow effective cleaning of bay windows.

The importance of cleaning windows in establishments

When running a business, it is very important to take care of the image that is transmitted. In the case of physical stores, these are the visible face of the company and the brand, so every detail must be taken care of in front of the public. The order and cleanliness of the commercial premises are one of the factors that most influence when it comes to making a magnificent impression and can be the decisive factor that makes a client opt ​​for the competition or not.

In this line, the windows of the shop windows must be kept clean. Many people put their hands on the windows, leaving their footprints. That is why we should try to keep these areas as clean as possible. Consequently, it is recommended to clean at least 2 times a month.

Window cleaning service: Why hire it for your office?

Cleaning window panes not only affects the image we project in our company but also the productivity and well-being of employees. Clean windows allow light to pass through clearly, improving the comfort of those who inhabit the space and, saving the consumption of artificial light. The cleaning of the windows must include the exterior and interior, as well as blinds and other elements to ensure proper hygiene and adequate lighting.

We tell you some great reasons to contract the window cleaning of your office to a specialized company:

Save time and money: A company specialized in cleaning windows does it faster and more efficiently, and has the necessary products and tools for proper cleaning, whether indoors or outdoors. This prevents you from buying materials that you are not going to amortize. In addition, it can clean high-rise windows and large surfaces.

☑ Avoid accidents: Yes, window cleaning is one of the activities that cause the most accidents. If your employee does not have the necessary tools and adequate training, it is easier for her to fall and have an accident. This is why, hiring a window cleaning professional in Watford is worthwhile and beneficial for a corporate establishment.

☑ Be effective: A specialized company knows when and how to clean windows depending on the weather conditions and the activity of your company. It will carry out the cleaning when it is most convenient and with the appropriate elements.

☑ Specialization: Each window, glass, building and area requires adequate treatment. Remember that a company specializing in office cleaning knows how to do it.

☑ The right tools and techniques: While your experts deliver great results while making the job look easy, the truth is that flawless windows take the right tools and a lot of practice.

Cleaning Windows at Home: Know the Cleaning Process

Cleaning windows at home is a highly demanded task for the following reasons:

Keeping the windows clean allows you to save on light and, consequently, on electricity consumption.

It is a complex and sometimes dangerous task. A specialist will know the proper techniques and will have the means to work safely.

Don’t think about it and leave the cleaning of the windows in the hands of the best home professionals.


By regularly investing in professional window cleaning, you can certainly ensure that your window life is extended. Over time, stains and scratches can appear on your window panes, which can be difficult to remove if left on. Regular cleaning helps prevent this.

Expert glass and window cleaners can restore glass and warn you of any general problems that may occur, for example, poorly fitting windows, wood rot on sills or damaged windows, etc.

If you are interested in regular window cleaning for your home or office, you are in the right place.

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